7 Best Australian Cities for International Students


Australia, the leading destination for international students, is home to several world-renowned universities. Choosing a city to study in such a vast country could feel quite hectic as you will need to consider many things, such as your college location, weather, and part-time job availability.

Wise Crave Education and Visa Services‘ education specialists have carefully chosen the top seven cities suitable for you regarding courses and universities and covering other factors.


Sydney Australia

Sydney has been an international student favourite for many years now. With a great climate with warm summers and mild winters, the city has one of the highest-ranking universities globally, the University of Sydney. The city has a fantastic lifestyle with great outdoor activities, café, shops, and a safe environment.

You can visit the Sydney Opera House, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and many more exciting spots.

It is true that Sydney is comparatively expensive and requires higher living costs, but it also has abundant job opportunities for students to gain work experience and work part-time during their studies.


Melbourne Australia

According to the 2018 QD Best Student Cities Index, Melbourne bags third position. The city offers fantastic career opportunities and supports excellent quality of life. Every year, around 270,000 international students choose Melbourne as their study destination.

Do you know Melbourne is the tenth best city for employer activity? The city helps students get many career openings. World-class universities, beautiful natural surroundings, and vibrant cultures are what attract many international students to Melbourne.


Brisbane Australia

Brisbane has one of the highest student ratios in the world because of its lifestyle. If you compare with the former two cities, the city is comparatively affordable to international students who plan to study in Australia. The city is quite affordable as the students get 50% off on TransLink public transport services.

Brisbane is home to Australia’s largest Gallery of Modern Art, where you can learn about cultures and festivals. The city also creates many employment opportunities for students and career opportunities for graduates.


Perth Australia

Another good place to study, Perth is globally recognized for its growing economy and higher employment rate in recent years. The city has quite a number of world-class universities providing world-class education. The public transport and accommodation are affordable and is the plus point for international students.

Perth is also famous for its beautiful landscapes; thus, many tourists prefer to visit the city in their leisure time.


Canberra Australia

The Australian capital, Canberra, is full of museums, top-class research centres, and universities. The city is best known for its excellent infrastructure, affordable lifestyle, and hot air balloons.

Fun fact- Canberra is the safest city in Australia! The city has 35 thousand students with 9 thousand international students. So, you will always be surrounded by a fellow international buddy.


Adelaide Australia

If you prefer a small city over a big one like Sydney, Adelaide is the best choice for you. It holds international students from more than 150 countries. Almost 20% of people living in Adelaide are not Australians but people from across the world. The city has the most beautiful beaches, wine districts, and close groups of people to enjoy them with.

An awesome fact- As the city hosts over 400 festivals and events, Adelaide is also known as a Festival state.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast is the sixth-largest city in Australia. The city has around 30 thousand university students and is famous for its 3Ss: sun, sand, and surfing.

If you want to enjoy a new relaxed lifestyle, beautiful tradition and culture, you will definitely love Gold Coast as it hosts many festivals of different cultural communities year-round.

The plus point is that the students can easily find a part-time job on the Gold Coast to help themselves financially and enhance working their skills and knowledge while studying.

 If you plan to study in any of the mentioned cities, WCEVS will assist you with every necessary process.

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