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The number of students increases yearly for studying abroad, mainly in Australia, to secure the internationally recognized degree. It’s a hard decision for the students to choose the better courses, countries for further education. Australia provides world-class Education, lavish lifestyles, and post-study opportunities.

Students will get any information from the internet but hardly decide to make the right or wrong choices. Students need to be very patient to make clear decisions in this process, and for proper Guidance, they need an expert like us. 

 Wise Crave Education and Visa Services have been one of the well-established consultants in Nepal since 2020 A.D. We support students to achieve the best education by Australian

Best Education Consultants

Best education consultant to study in Australia

universities, where the eight universities of Australia are ranked on the top 100 universities list worldwide. Wise Crave Education and Visa Services always aim to best foreign education consultants by having the core values and trust, proper support, and professional services. By the country’s vision of qualified human resources, we rinse the high standard of international Education and become the globally trusted consultant. 

Our service leads to foreign educational consultation, which helps students get more information about their education destination and make the right decision. We provide the students with relevant education institutions by analyzing their academic, preferred location, and financial background. Here are the main reasons for choosing Wise Crave Education and Visa Services for study in Australia.


1. Career and Course Counselling

   Wise Crave Education and Visa Services have the best counsellor with the certified education agent training course (EATC) called the PIER. We have the experience of what the students look for in studying Australia plans. Our counsellor has visited the Australian Universities that work for us and provided the latest information. For most students, especially the younger ones who are confused about their careers, our counsellor will adequately guide you on various career prospects.


2. Test Preparation

Wise Crave Education and Visa Services offer English proficiency tests, Australia’s most popular English programs like IELTS, PTE, with free classes. The classes will run up to four weeks or until students gain confidence. We offer all the essential facilities and students must give a mock test every week, which is beneficial to improve their marks. We provide result-oriented coaching to every student with great attention and scheduling flexibility.


3. Assist on the Application and Admission Process

      Our counsellor will help with all detailed information and instruction essential to all the documents such as SOPs and college university forms needed for accepting your application. From starting point to applying to college will fully assist you by the wise crave education and visa services.


4. Scholarship Guaranteed

The Australian universities provide many scholarships by analyzing the student courses, English test performance. However, scholarships have been granted by the government and non-government organizations of the universities. WCEVS is well-known for its update and easily guides you to reduce study costs. If you are lucky enough, you can study the whole course free. We will help you to choose the best institutes having the best scholarship.


5. Free Visa Processing Service

The visa processing is the most determining phase of studying abroad. Our team knows the Australian condition and updated visa process you are for applying. Wise Crave Education and Visa Services will help you with visa processing, such as assisting with application forms, SOPs (Statement of Purpose), financial GuidanceGuidance, and submitting the documents on time. You’ll not have to worry about the entire phase.


6. Travel Guidance

Wise Crave Education and Visa Services provide travel, lodging, and insurance coverage (Overseas Student Health Cover), the leading service for the students. This service is done to make you feel comfortable. We make sure that you arrive safely at the allocated Australia location.


Published by Roshan Pokhrel

Wise Crave Education and Visa Services is an educational consultancy that maintains a level of standard in compliance with the regulatory framework of federal government of Australia and education providers. It helps the students to get exposure to high-level professionalism.

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