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"Coming Together is a Beginning, Staying Together is Progress and Working Together is Success” -Henry Ford"

John Doe
CEO & Founder
Counsellor for Europe

With ample experience in the field, I understand the prospective students’ concerns regarding the programs of their choice, universities, academic requirements, and financial status. I know that the recruitment of students in Europe from any country, especially to those countries where education is free, is based upon careful consideration and thorough scrutiny. I have taken the long history of recruitment into account, and assisting students in their concerns has always been my primary motive. I believe in transparency and bringing out the best from every individual. I am pleased to be a part of Wise Crave Education and Visa Services, whose focus is on transparent assistance than profitability.

Counsellor for Australia

With my stay in the mentioned country and overall research of Australia’s cultural tradition and expectations, I understand the prospective students’ concerns regarding the contingencies that may occur during the course of study. I understand that challenges of visa acceptance to Australia from any country, and thus I have closely scrutinized the underlying systems to assist students in achieving their desired milestone. I have taken the long history of acceptance factors into account, the weaknesses and mistakes that could occur, and the measures to minimize them. Assisting students in their concerns and maintaining a cordial relationship with partner universities is my main focus. I am pleased to be a part of Wise Crave Education and Visa Services, whose focus is on helping students get to their destination rather than financial profitability.

Our Team

Message From Chairman

It is my great pleasure to introduce Wise Crave Education and Visa Services as a committed educational consultancy with dedicated staff having a decade-long successful history in Test Preparation and Abroad Study. At Wise Crave, we continuously improve the way we educate and support our students, and we are steadily making success. We have verifiable results to prove our claim. We are a team of professionals that seek to provide unparalleled support to those who seek education and counselling from us. Hence, our team’s aspiration and purpose are aligned with the mission and vision of our Centre. Our achievement in a short span and our satisfied students’ response are the testaments to our services’ quality, rigour, and relevance.


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